wai wai baskets

Designed by Patty Johnson & Shu Shu Kaywe
for Wai Wai Community
Masakenari, Guyana

The Wai-Wai are an extremely artistic community that make beautiful baskets and many other objects including pottery, woven combs, bone flutes, bows and arrows, blowguns, graters, beaded aprons, necklaces, and other crafts. Their material culture alone is rich in every medium that they have chosen to pursue. The Wai Wai live in the interior of Guyana near the borders of Brazil and Suriname. These lanterns are the result of collaboration between Patty Johnson, Liana Cane and Shu Shu Kaywe — the eldest master weaver in the community.

Made from Renewable hand harvested Moukra and Plant based dyes.