makushi embroidery

Designed by Makushi Embroiderers
North Rupununi District, Guyana

The Makushi Embroiderers are an informal group made up of individual Indigenous women, some of whom are also part of a village-based sewing group. They live in the vicinity of the foothills of the Pakaraima Mountains, the Iwokrama Forest, the upper Essequibo and Rupununi rivers and the North Rupununi savannahs.

“Makusipe Komanto Iseru” which roughly translates as “Sustaining Makushi culture & lifestyles” is the name of a process, a project, a book, a series of bi-lingual booklets, and, a collection of exquisite hand-made embroideries. The resulting pieces are culture pictures—complex narratives of everyday Amerindian life rendered in the highest quality embroidery detail.

Vanda Radzik has worked for many years with Rupununi communities and was a founding member of the Red Thread Collective who originally introduced embroidery techniques to the Makushi women.

Made from thread and cotton.