Manufacturers and Producers

The following are the companies, producers and communities that manufactured the Love, Freedom, Flow product collection. For individual company contacts, and, ordering and queries please contact

Antique Creations Limited
Ayissa Textile Design
Earth Mother Botanicals Limited
Hamilton's Pottery
Harwood Woodworks
Julianna Inniss
Luna Design
Quality Lamps
Caribbean Creative
Kalinago Community
Philippe Cazalis
Kempton Sign Painting
Liana Cane
Summerson Furniture
Wai Wai Community
Jean Paul Sylvaince and the Art Expressions Workshop
Cecile Brown
Egbert Hamilton
Nanny of the Maroons Traditional Craft
Trinidad and Tobago
The Cloth Caribbean
Eguana Leathercraft and Art

Design Team

Patty Johnson (Canada)

Patty Johnson is a Canadian designer who is interested in the interchange between research and design, and, commerce and culture. She operates worldwide with partners, enterprises, manufacturers, communities, governments, and designers creating new kinds of design programs and product collections. Her mobile studio network looks to combine the strengths of complimentary groups to build new linkages, new cultures and new ideas.

Hansie Duvivier (Haiti)

Hansie Wolff Duvivier is a Haitian designer who loves to honor her cultural heritage in her design work. She creates and transforms art pieces into functional objects working with artisans using local materials such as recycled oil drums, metal, stone and wood.

Stella Hackett (Barbados)

Stella Hackett, a Barbadian, recently completed an MA in Arts Administration at Goucher College in her ongoing quest to contribute to the development and management of Barbados' cultural landscape. She also holds a BFA in Textiles Design from Rhode Island School of Design, and has exhibited in six local and four international exhibitions. Currently, she is a Design Adviser at the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation.

Andy Manley (Dominica)

Andy Manley is a designer based in Dominica who aims to promote sustainable use of indigenous materials and the development of craft production in the Caribbean region. He works with Caribbean development agencies, indigenous communities and regional manufacturers to develop products that illustrate the importance and value of Caribbean design.

Cassandre Mehu (Haiti)

Cassandre Mehu is a Haitian woman designer that believes design is symbolic of the essence of culture and life. In combination with her architecture and history background she's been developing new designs for furniture, decorative object and jewelry with mixed materials.

Philip Marshall (Barbados)

Philip Marshall earned his Masters degree in Industrial Design at the Royal College of Art, London. He has a keen interest in applying first-world design practice to the interpretation of colloquial and Creole objects. Philip is employed by the Barbados Investment & Development Corporation, where he works with local manufacturers and artisans.

Lesley Ann Noel (Trinidad and Tobago)

Lesley-Ann Noel is a product designer and lecturer in Design at the University of the West Indies, in Trinidad. She has done extensive work in product design, export product development and entrepreneurship training for development agencies working with rural and semi-rural entrepreneurs and manufacturers in Africa, South America and the Caribbean. She has exhibited work at design exhibitions in Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Brazil, Germany and France.